Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Julie MathesonJulie Matheson
Passed first time!
Debbie is an absolutely fantastic instructor. Makes you feel at ease and builds confidence in every way. I highly recommend her to be anybody's instructor. Workbooks, etc are extremely helpful for both theory and for preparing you for test. Thank you so much for coaching me through my test.

Kinga GrzywaczKinga Grzywacz
First time Pass
Kinga has English as her second language, but that didn't hold her back from a brilliant first time pass with only 15 hours of in-car tuition.

Poppy WatsonPoppy Watson
5 star rating!
For some people, learning to drive comes naturally. Not for me! Deb was exactly the kind of instructor I needed - kind, patient and very encouraging. I've had a few Driving Instructors over the years, but none have fuelled me with the confidence Deb did. Her positive energy was a breath of fresh air. Deb's lesson plans were very detailed and her organised approach meant I always got the most out of my time with her. If I could learn to drive all over again, Deb would be the first Instructor I call!!

Andrew MacDonaldAndrew MacDonald
Highly recommend learning with Debbie
Debbie made me feel at ease the whole time and has given me a lot more confidence than I thought I would ever have had.

Abbie GrahamAbbie Graham
Passed first time!
Debbie is an amazing driving instructor, she is patient and was totally understanding when I struggled. On my first lesson, I was given a Workbook that contained the 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions that helped me pass my test. I had a brilliant experience with Debbie, she was dedicated and went above and beyond to make sure I passed my test.

Tasha BoaTasha Boa
My faith in driving instructors is restored!
When I met Debbie I didn't have much faith in Driving Instructors due to a lot of let downs. However the second I got into Debbie's car I knew she was nothing like the rest. Straight away she made me feel so comfortable and I became so confident driving due to her warm and calm reassurance. Debbie never made you feel guilty for any mistakes and she was so good at understanding that sometimes you are your own worst critic and you didn't always need a lecture! I never felt nervous learning with Debbie as she always showed me I had the ability but the most important thing was the confidence which, by sure, progressed with her. She didn't just mention what your mistakes were, she made sure to highlight all the positives too!

Harley FraserHarley Fraser
Deb was excellent and without her I would not have been prepared to pass my test. I especially appreciate her taking me at short notice. She was supportive and observant and showed understanding when I made mistakes. It is clear she cares about what she does. The only reason I haven’t rated her 5/5 stars is I was with another Instructor for the majority of my lessons and I can’t speak to how well earlier lessons, when I was inexperienced, would have gone. From our time together though, I feel she would have been just as good in earlier lessons.

Debbie was a brilliant Instructor! She was calm and patient and always up for a chat which helped ease my nerves. She would always be accommodating with evening & weekend lessons to work around my schedule - which I am very appreciative of. She was informative about errors but would also praise when I did well, which helped build my confidence. I couldn’t imagine being with an Instructor who would be cold or negative as that would knock my confidence and make me lose motivation, so I am glad I never had to worry about that with Debbie! As for the learning resources - I didn’t use these as much, purely due to using smart phone apps that friends & relatives recommended - using my phone was more convenient for me. However, the maps and ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ questions that Debbie provided were extremely helpful in the lead-up to my test!

Ewan CummingEwan Cumming

Claire-Louise MarshallClaire-Louise Marshall
Debbie is by far a great driving instructor!
She has great techniques to explain things when learner is struggling, she has loads of patience when learner struggles with nerves and anxiety. I was so relaxed after first meeting with Debbie and after 20 lessons, I finally passed my driving test after trying so many times 10 years before. I have and will be recommending her to everyone I know and hopefully get her to teach my children to drive in the next few years.

Shona Thain
I can't thank Debs enough for being such a fantastic Instructor!
She is so calm, encouraging and has so much patience, I had very little confidence in myself, especially in the beginning, but after 5 minutes in the car with Debs, she would lift my spirits and by the end of the lesson I would always feel like I had accomplished something. She has a way of explaining things that just make sense, things that maybe the textbook weren't sticking in my head... one catchy catchphrase or explanation from Debs and I'd have it figured out within that lesson. The LDC Workbook and DVD are great , a really well put together system.

Vikki LatimerVikki Latimer
5* !!
Absolutely loved having Deb as an instructor! She was so calm and patient and put me at ease as soon as I got in the car. She went through everything with me at a pace I enjoyed and always had so much confidence in me. I was never afraid to speak up if I needed something repeated and she NEVER put me down if I did something wrong. She's such a lovely woman and so easy to talk to and get along with. At the beginning she gave me very handy resources for Theory & Driving which helped me to pass my theory with full marks! Overall I'd highly recommend Deb to anyone wanting to drive and I thank her for believing in me & getting me through my test first time!

Joanna MacSweenJoanna MacSween
Debbie is a fantastic Instructor!
The LDC system is excellent and the materials are helpful and thorough. They contain loads of great tips and advice and made learning to drive a supportive experience. Debbie is a fantastic instructor. She is calm and patient and provides lots of support and encouragement. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Debbie and made the progress that I had never previously made with other instructors. I highly recommend Debbie and the LDC system.

Kirsty MacLeodKirsty MacLeod
Debbie was a very kind and encouraging instructor
Debbie made me feel comfortable very early on and was easy to talk to. She described things in a way that I found easy to understand and I feel that I learned things very quickly and fairly easily from her. She also gave me more independent driving as we went on and let me point out my own mistakes. I found that the semi-intensive course worked well. I did not really use the DVD but I did use the Driving Skills workbook. It was especially useful in the run up to my test. The LDC preparation resources were very useful and I used them a lot.

Scott GrahamScott Graham
An amazing Instructor!
I found Debbie to be very friendly, professional and patient. I had a great experience with her as she helped boost my confidence as a driver and gave me all the help I needed to pass my test. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking to start driving lessons.

Thomas InglisThomas Inglis
Absolutely fantastic!
Debbie was absolutely fantastic! She was very patient and kind in the way she taught me how to drive. Even after doing hill starts lots of times - she never gave up on me! Even though I had no driving experience before Debbie she was the best I hoped for! Definitely going to be recommending her to my friends!

Zoe MacKenzieZoe MacKenzie
Debbie is a very patient, thorough driving instructor. She made me feel at ease in the car and gave me encouragement allowing me to become more and more confident. Debbie provided me with all of the workbooks and videos which helped me in both my theory and practical test. I would recommended Debbie to anyone looking to learn to drive, her friendly and encouraging manner made all my lessons very enjoyable! 10/10!  

Debbie is a lovely instructor & I would recommend her to others learning as she is very calm and professional. Deb provided me with the LDC Workbook which I filled in weekly for us to go over things that went well or things I felt I needed to work on. I enjoyed driving with Debbie and would recommend her to others, especially 1st time or nervous drivers 😊

Laura DonaldLaura Donald
Gears lessons
Just wanted to say again, thank you so much for helping me out with my gears. Today I've taken the Tiguan to work, which I seriously doubted I would be able to do. Here's a picture of it in our car park, which looks very normal but absolutely amazing to me! :) and it happened with your help, so again thank you so much!